New URL dauntlessintheend. I will not be returning to Castiel for some time it is on hiatus until further notice.
I how ever am writing a Divergent fics. You can find it on FF under my same username I have not changed that (wickedinarevolution) or on ao3 under dauntlessintheend links can be found on my new Tumblr page.

It is I wickedinarevolution making a post from beyond the grave mwahahahahaha!…. so since a lot of people know me on this account from my story CASTIEL I thought I’d tell you if you weren’t informed the second chapter was halfway done when my computer died on me like funeral died so I have to wait to get a new one and see if we can recover the files because there is a lot of shit that needs rescuing off that bad boy. But that’s why I haven’t updated it would’ve been up early November but my computer bit it… so yeah. And no I may not be returning to this account for some time my URL is Luciferisasexybagofdicks so there’s that I don’t post as much no computer and only a Tumblr app yeah it blows good news I’m working on novel planning for old stories I planned to write and possibly publish.