So this is the page done through youcaring Amber has 100 days to reach her goal of 3,000 for a lawyer please donate. Please. Guys we can get some kid a fluffy chicken that they do not need and raise so much can we please get my girlfriend a lawyer so she can get legal rights to her boys?

I’m reblogging this again in hopes that is will get passed around more.

I’m sorry that this isn’t someone being forced to change their outfit even if dress code states it is indecent and it’s not. I’m sorry that that this isn’t some great form of injustice, even though her wife is trying to push for their separation date to 4 years ago before the boys were born so that she can be denied custody of them or anything else.

Even though her wife and her wife’s new girlfriend send her emails about toys for the boys and other children stuff, pretending that it was an accident even though after a few times you know it’s not. She hasn’t seen them in a month and the only time she did get to see them was so she could take them to their doctor’s appointment that her soon to be ex wife didn’t feel was necessary to take them to.

So far her dad will not help her saying still that it is all a bluff and that her soon to be ex wife will not do anything, that she has already been doing, he won’t help her because “she [Amber] picked the life that she did choosing to live in sin. So she should live with the mistakes that she made.”

Then when she asks anyone else in her family they believe she is just trying to get out of paying child support which Amber said was not the case she’d be happy to pay child support but not the ridiculous 2000 a month her ex wants her to.

When Amber tells them that they [her family] can’t cry about never seeing the boys anymore and not helping they tell her different forms of “You got yourself in this it’s not our job to help you.” or “I’m going to call [person that Amber already tried to ask for help and was denied] they’ll help you!”

So please tumblr please! You’re her last hope. I told her that this would work even if it was only to get 200 out of it please don’t turn me into a liar in front of her.